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Free Shipping On ANY Order Over $99
Free Shipping On ANY Order Over $99

Abrasion Control

We recommend abrasion control be applied to all web slings we sell. It ensures the safety of everyone near loads as well as significantly extending the working life of the sling. Over the lifetime of a sling, slings with abrasion control cost significantly less due to their increased durability relative to a small increase in price.

Abrasion Control comes in several styles

Gorilla-Guard® - Fully Wrapped Abrasion Control

  • Abrasion resistant material recommended for high-abrasion, heavy duty slings
  • Provides extra protection for the body, eye, and edges of a sling
  • Gorilla Guard® protective coverings match chemical and stretch properties of the sling applied to.

Monster Edge® (Nylon) or Gorilla Edge® (Poly) - Edge Protection

  • Recommended for all heavy duty slings
  • Most economic abrasion resistance option
  • Most durable nylon/polyester sling material available
  • Integrated abrasion resistant fibers on edges
  • Resists cutting and abrasion on edges

Gorilla-Guard® Sleeves - Partial/Removable Wrapped Protection

  • Recommended for handling sharp edges
  • Allows usage when needed on existing slings
  • Cost effective sling protection
  • Sleeves available in leather, cordura and kevlar
  • Available in three styles:
    • Fixed Sleeve — do not slide and cannot be removed
    • Sliding Sleeve — slide freely on the sling but cannot be removed
    • Quick Sleeve — slide freely and removable