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Free Shipping On ANY Order Over $99

Hillbilly Deluxe: Supa-Pulley System

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Color: Black

Like the Econo Pulley System, but on steroids. The Hillbilly Deluxe was designed as an improvement upon the first home pulley system on the market, with a better product and increased staying power in mind. After all, everyone always wants the bigger and better version.

The additional features of the pulley (listed below) enable the system to withstand a higher load while maintaining the same smooth pull. And it still comes with the 18" loading pin and short ab strap, just like the Econo Pulley.

Highlights (and what they do):

  • Thicker gauge pulley housing
  • Heavy duty nylon pulley
  • Nylon cable with ball stopper:  helps catch the pulley at the top more efficiently.
  • Adjustable six point pulley strap:  six adjustment points at a total length of 25" enables the system to adapt to varying rack heights and most width obstacles, such as neutral grip pull-up attachments. This has the added benefit of eliminating the need for custom cables, or that "just not right" feeling when using other pulleys.
  • Spud, Inc. "S" engraved into the steel plate housing
  • Comes in black or yellow