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Free Shipping On ANY Order Over $79 - Everything else ships UPS® $7.99!

Kaiju - Upper Body Strap

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The Kaiju are the Kings of the Monsters: Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan among them. The Kaiju series are a new line of straps that emphasize comfort, functionality, and exceptional strength with material that makes them the king of all straps.

The Kaiju material is light and comfortable, washable and will not fade or come off on your clothing. Despite the more premium cosmetic features, Kaiju line products are just as strong as their standard counterparts.

Turn your sled drags into full-body workouts. The Spud Inc. Upper Body Sled Strap enables you to perform dozens of upper body exercises using only your sled. Upright rows, rear delt raises, tricep extensions, bicep curls, almost any upper body movement you can think of, you can do.

Made from extremely durable 2-ply woven nylon and with a maximum weight capacity of nearly 800 lbs, you’ll never need to repair or replace your strap.


– Made in America

– 2-Ply Woven Nylon

– 96″ x 1″