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Free Shipping On ANY Order Over $79 - Everything else ships UPS® $7.99!

Sweater Vest (Belt Squat Vest)

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The Sweater Vest is a long term idea that Spud had been wanting to perfect. Spud Inc. was the first innovator of the belt squat belt in the early 2000s by making one that was both comfortable and long lasting. The belt squat belt became a mainstay in many training regimes over the next two decades and became the gold standard. But with the times always moving ahead, we pioneered then the front squat harness to simulate that exercise for the belt squat machines.

The front squat harness taxes the entire abdominals and pretty much the entire front side of the body along with the normal leg development; and of the biggest issues with the belt squat was the digging in on the hips and legs. Spud enjoyed both aspects of the regular belt squat and the qualities of the front squat harness, and thought, why not make one that is 75% belt squat and 25% front squat harness pressure to emphasize both concepts while maintaining abdominal pressure in a more consistent fashion.

Additionally, the Sweater Vest has multiple adjustment loops on the belt squat section and on the vest portion, with a button push adjustment on each side to dial in varying athlete sizes and heights. Included is a Velcro strap that acts like a weight belt near the top of the abs, to direct a more stable core and elicit larger support from the abs, obliques and diaphragm breathing.
Born was the new Sweater Vest. It took a lot of prototypes to bring it to life but “It’s alive!”


Small: 125lb-225lb

Large: 225lb-350lb

(1/2″ & 3/8″ clips included with vest)